Saturday, February 20, 2021

Notes today:

  • The Lincoln Project
  • AOC  raised $4M for Texas emergency aid
  • @BetoORourke  raised $1M for Texas emergency aid
  • @tedcruz  flew to Cancun
    • Why we can fly helicopters on Mars and have blackouts in Texas? because the first is run by scientists and the second by Republicans. 
    • Sweden, which is known for its colder climate, has offered the Lone Star State (Republicans) some advice to keep the wings moving no matter how harsh the weather - and it only requires 'the right gear.' Read this zerohedge

    • Much of the country was entertained by watching Ted Cruz squirm as he tried to explain why he had absconded Texas for a beach resort in Cancun. Remind me, how did this  dude vote for Hurricane Sandy emergency aid again? Reports have it that Texans are now getting energy bills in the thousands..$1000 a day -WTF

    • Russia said it found the world’s first cases ofthe H5N8 strain of avian influenza in humans though the virus isn’t yet spreading between people.
    • JUST IN: AG Nominee Merrick Garland opening statement for confirmation hearing Monday. Calls 1-6 "a heinous attack" and says he'll prosecute "white supremacists & others" involved. 👍👍

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