Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Overview

  • Bank of China lifts deposit rates a quarter of a percentage point.

  • (Bloomberg) Silver exports from China, the world’s largest, may drop about 40 percent this year as domestic demand from industry and investors climbs, according to Beijing Antaike Information Development Co.

  • U.S. housing starts rose by 0.3% in September

  • (Bloomberg) Commodities will rally if the U.S. Federal Reserve eases monetary policy next month, according to UBS AG, which describes a likely second round of quantitative easing as a “game changer” for copper, gold and palladium

  • Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner vowed on Monday that the United States would not devalue the dollar for export advantage. (No kidding)

  • Basel III is “strengthening” bank capital requirements, by increasing the minimum common equity requirement to a total of 7% from the current 2.5%. (WOW)

  • (Bloomberg)Wall Street bailout returns 8.2% profit beating treasury bonds

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sanh said...

China must make a "major breakthrough" to restructure and rebalance its economy, the Communist party said in a five-year plan.
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