Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Overview

  • (Bloomberg) -- As many as 9 million U.S. mortgages in the foreclosure pipeline or already through the process may face legal challenges because of questions about the validity of documents, according to Morgan Stanley.

  • Minutes from the latest Fed meeting kept hopes alive that the central bank would take more action to stimulate the economy.

  • Sweden's expects GDP to expand 4.8% in 2010.

  • (Bloomberg) -- The rice harvest in the U.S., the world’s fourth-largest exporter last year, may be at least 10 percent smaller than estimated.

  • YoY German inflation rose 1.3% in September.

  • Indian industrial production registered 5.6 % growth in August much lower than the 10% expected

  • Only 41% of Austrians considered saving money as "very important," which decreased by 8% YoY.

  • Chicago corn, soybeans, rice etc. resumed to rally on concerns that production this year may fail to meet demand.

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