Monday, March 30, 2009

Quick Overview

  • Global stock markets dived today after the White House denied General Motors and Chrysler multi-billion dollar bailouts and threatened to push the carmakers into bankruptcy.

  • MoM Japanese industrial output fell 9.4% in February

  • (Bloomberg) -- Japanese companies cut inventories at an unprecedented pace in February and said they would increase production in coming months, indicating the worst of the country’s manufacturing slump may be over.

  • Economic sentiment in the Euro area fell from 65.3 to 64.6 in March

  • Australia's new home sales rose 3.9% in February

  • Soros said on Saturday it was "conceivable" that Britain would have to resort to a bailout from the International Monetary Fund

  • The USDA said there were 65.389 million head of hogs on March 1st, down 2.7% YoY.

  • China's ambassador to the U.K. said Beijing isn't calling for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar.

  • The World Bank has given warning of serious social discontent in Russia after delivering a bleak assessment of the country's economy.

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