Saturday, August 01, 2020

  • Apple (AAPL) is splitting its stock four for one - great for writing puts. Selling one $400 put will, after the split, only commit $10,000 versus $40,000. Bezos, are you paying attention?


  • Four out of the five members of the so-called FAANG group – Facebook, Amazon, Apple Netflix and Google – posted record-breaking earnings during the worst slump in a century.


  • Millions of unemployed Americans are about to lose $600 in additional weekly jobless benefits after the White House and Congress failed to reach an agreement to extend the supplement.

  • What are the expected economic effects if 30 million workers have their financial lifeline cut off? Any guesses? 
  • In addition, lots of people are going to be “very” disappointment if the much anticipated $1200 check is not forthcoming.


  • Consumer spending rose 5.6% last month after a record 8.5% jump in May as more businesses, that are now reclosing, had reopened. The two month surge in job gain may have stopped in July..


  • Bloomberg: The dollar's reign as the world's reserve currency is under threat, Goldman warned.


  • Starbucks: global same-store sales, fell 40% in Q3. However, customers while visiting less, they're placing bigger orders.


  • McDonald's is selling a stake in its Japan business and is accelerating U.S. restaurant closures it had planned earlier. Sales are also a bit on the weak side.


  • (Reuters) - With nearly seven months gone, an ambitious $36.5 billion target for Chinese imports of U.S. farm goods this year may not be quite out of reach, but it’s looking like a big, big stretch. 


  • Cruising during worldwide pandemic: ICYMI: 4 crew members on Norway cruise ship hospitalized with COVID-19 after it arrived at port of Tromsoe on Friday; operator Hurtigruten says all crew members quarantined on ship and the 177 passengers, who had already disembarked, told to self-isolate


  • Kids under age 5 may carry a much higher coronavirus viral load than older children and adults: study 


  • Banning TikTok? Trump may not realize how unpopular this move will be with generally politically indifferent teenagers…

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