Saturday, July 18, 2020

Quick Overview is up to date

  • Bloomberg : Almost 40,000 Robinhood accounts added shares of Tesla during a single four-hour span on Monday.

  • More than half of wealthy investors responding to a UBS survey said they were worried about staying liquid in another pandemic and that they may not have as much cash to pass along their heirs.

  • Singapore GDP QoQ - 41%

  • Axios:  UnitedHealth Group registered more than $6.6 billion in profits in the second quarter — by far the conglomerate's highest quarterly profit ever, according to an analysis of company financial data from FactSet. Why it matters.

  • Disney shuts Hong Kong Disneyland again as coronavirus cases rise.

  • UN reports global e-waste production soared beyond 53 million tonnes in 2019

  • If the numbers are correct  China’s economy has returned to growth

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