Sunday, April 09, 2017


  • Republicans voted as a bloc to eliminate the ability of the Senate minority to filibuster Supreme Court nominees - consequence unknown… 
  • In a symbolic act, Trump launched missiles at the Shayrat base in Syria – reaction mysterious - consequence unknown… 
  • Trump was quoted as saying he is ready to act alone on North Korea if China does not change the current situation … 
  • Wall Street's top banks see the Federal Reserve laying out by year-end its plan to scale back its reinvestments in Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities in an effort to begin shrinking its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, a Reuters poll showed Friday. A June rate hike probability has risen to 70.6% from last week’s 62.5%. 
  • The latest U.S Employment Situation report was a disappointment. Only 98,000 non-farm payrolls were added in March - a far cry from estimates of 180,000. Average hourly earnings increased 0.2%. However the US unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a percentage point to 4.5%--the lowest level since May 2007
  •  Inventory-to-sales ratio unchanged at 1.28 in February but down from 1.36 in the same period a year ago. 
  • Total outstanding U.S consumer credit increased by $15.20 billion in February 
  • (Zillow) U.S. renters would need a raise of about $168 a year in 2017 just to keep up with expected rent increases over the next 12 months as rental affordability concerns persist 
  • (Zillow) Nationally, families can expect to spend $447 extra a month moving to a three-bedroom home from one with two bedrooms, according to Zillow. That equates to a 50 % increase in their monthly mortgage payment. 
  • The UK’s trade balance widened in February to -£12.46 billion from -£11.98 billion in January.
  •  The global steel market will tighten in coming years and eventually go into a deficit in 2020, says research firm BMI. 
  •  Fitch Ratings forecasts oil prices to average US$52.50 per barrel in 2017, up from US$45 last year 
  • Dry Bulk Ship Values rose by 20% in just 30 days, as demand is growing among ship owners, encouraged by the market’s recovery since the start of 2017. 
  •  Japans unemployment rate at 2.8%. Over 10% of the country’s firms admit that some workers frequently put in more than 100 hours of overtime in a month 
  • Tim Cook: Without more women, US will lose tech lead…
  •  Do vegetarians live longer? Probably, but not because they’re vegetarian  Put more simply, when we crunched the data we found vegetarians did not have a lower risk of early death compared with their meat-eating counterparts. 
  • Astronomers have detected an atmosphere around an Earth-like planet beyond our solar system for the first time: the super-Earth planet GJ 1132b in the Southern constellation Vela, at a distance of 39 light-years from Earth

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