Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Overview

  • Say goodbye to Xe. The company formerly known as Blackwater — the world’s most infamous private security corporation — has also jettisoned that name and now wants to be known as “Academi.” Business however will continue unchanged……………..

  • Obama: After nearly 9 years our war in Iraq ends this month.

  • Fitch Ratings said on Monday that a comprehensive solution to the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone "is not on offer"

  • Intel (INTC) cut its Q4 revenue forecast, citing the hard-disk drive shortage.

  • U.S. Ethanol exports 2nd highest on record in October

  • Reuters is reporting the German govt. is in talks with Commerzbank to prop them up.

  • November s the seventh month investors withdrew money from stock funds.

  • India's industrial production fell 5.1 % in October

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